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Moog-Emotion: Music Generation using Emotion from Speech

We are delighted to share that JU UAV Innovators' Lab participated in the MOOG Hackathon 2021 organized by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Based on the first round of rigorous evaluation, our team was shortlisted by the organizers to receive the hardware Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit to develop a unique musical instrument called Moog-Emotion.

Moog-Emotion System Setup

Our proposed musical instrument is capable of producing different music based on the current emotion of the user. The emotion recognition task is carried out in an unsupervised manner using the semantic contents as well as acoustic features of the speech data obtained from the particular user. Our initial hypothesis is that the features automatically learned from speech can be utilised to extract emotion and utilise in suitable music generation, thereof. Our idea was successfully verified through software and then, we worked on its hardware implementation using the Moog device and additional components.

The Complete Moog Hardware Kit

Moog-Emotion is an intelligent, fully-automatic musical instrument/system to musically express our moods, emotions, feelings, and mental behaviors by analysing the user's speech and vocal sounds. The system consists of a hardware interface to acquire acoustic data, as well as an analog synthesizer (controlled automatically by microcontrollers) to perform the task continuously.Our work encourages research in Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) and Music Perception through development of innovative and interactive hardware device.

Speech Emotion Recognition Protocol for Moog-Emotion

Moog-Emotion also secured the opportunity to be presented at the Guthman Musical Instrument Fair organized on March 13, 2021. We had more than 200 visitors at the fair attending our booth with multiple questions, curiosity and excitement about our Moog-Emotion device. Our work has been evaluated very positively by the esteemed judges too.

At Guthman Musical Instrument Fair 2021

We, with the device Moog-Emotion, also participated in the event CuseHacks 2021, a Global Hackathon organized by Syracuse University, New York, USA. Our device has been named for the following Awards:

  • Best Hardware Hack Award (sponsored by Major League Hackathon and Digi-Key)

  • Best Presentation Award

At CuseHacks 2021

We hope to take this system to the market so that people can utilise the benefits of this unique system: Moog-Emotion.

Article Link: https://epaper.anandabazar.com/imageview_54636_71343396_4_71_05-03-2021_12_i_1_sf.html

Media Appearance (AnandaBazar Patrika) of Moog-Emotion

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