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UAV Technology for the good of society

We are the group of UAV enthusiasts, passionate about the technology and its innovative applications in different parts of the society. We have developed our drones with several unique features and our innovative prototypes have been appreciated by the Drone community internationally.

Our works are being funded by WeRobotics, USA & Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Govt. of India.


Locating sound source with Listener Drone

How It All Started

For last one year and half, we are working to develop a Drone with its own Audition capability so that it will listen to sounds and further locate its source using Real-time computation. This prototype is the outcome of a perfect blending of Audio sensing with AI technology and 4G LTE communication that will be boosted with the implementation of 5G in near future. With the help UAV swarm optimization, it will be possible to operate several Listener drones in a large area in very less time.

We are committed to offer time-efficient, low-cost, accurate and feasible solution to our users. We are developing the prototype every moment to incorporate the current technologies and meet the users' need.


Product Field Demonstration 


Application Areas

We address the serious problems of the world

Our prototype has a wide application area and to address all sections of users, we ensure our system is simple comprehensive.


Post Disaster Search operation

Identifies survivors after catastrophes even in poor visibility situations

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-10 at 08.06.53.jp

Look for the Missing

Searching for the missing people in dense forests

Working in low-visibility conditions

Drone embedded sound technology to operate when vision is completely obstructed

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-10 at 07.43.00.jp

Saving Wildlife

By listening to the call of distressed animals, locate their position

Australian fire.jpg

Wildlife Census

From the sky census of animals that generate unique calls


Communicating with Drones

Drone to drone communication and Counter drone detection from the sky

Night time Search task

Supporting search operations during night


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